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Exploring the Word in Life and Mission

See what God can do through you.

Missionary disciples that gather, pray and give
Now you have completed the initial Circle series, we encourage you to continue to gather, pray and give as a Circle. Follow the structure below, substituting in a scripture discerned by the Circle or drawn from the readings at Mass, to continue your journey in the life and mission of the Catholic Church.

Together, we can let the Word of the Lord echo through our hearts, minds and lives.


As you begin to gather as a Circle, take this time to share food and drink and discuss any questions you have been reflecting on. These three questions may help to start your discussion.

Share On
Belong - Where do I belong?
Believe - What do I believe?
Become - Who do I want to become?
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Sign of the Cross


I have been created from love,
for a life of love,
lived with a God of love.

Guide me by grace,
through faith,
to a new life and mission.


Glory Be


Slowly and meditatively read the Scripture out loud. Imagine yourself in the scene, your mind and body positioned to allow the Word to speak to you. Listen for any particular word or phrase; allow yourself to sit with it.

Read the same passage a second time. As you re-engage the text, let that word or phrase become an invitation to dialogue. Let it wash over you, permeating your thoughts and feelings. 
Read the same passage a third time. What is God saying to you in these words? What do you want to say to God? What feelings do these words raise up? Listen to the echo resound in your life.




As a Circle, there is an opportunity for each person to share the words of Scripture that have had the most impact, or the message that has been conveyed. This is a chance for a shared echo.

There is no obligation to share your own echo. For some, it might take many gatherings before you share. For others, it may come far easier.

As you spend this time listening and sharing the echo of God speaking, remember it is about what has impacted you personally. Echoes do not have echoes. The sharing of echoes and the listening to echoes are not a discussion. They are the opening of one heart to another. The experience of sharing echoes brings the group closer together. Over time, its power grows.

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Share your personal experiences on the following five (5) questions.

Question One
What has drawn your attention from the Scripture?
Question Two
Why? Is there a person, word, situation, gesture, emotion or memory?
Question Three
What is God saying to you through the Scripture, right now?
Question Four
Does this Scripture compel you to take an action?
Question Five
If Jesus was before you, what would you ask of Him?
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Sign of the Cross


Be still.

Pray for your intentions:
     Belong – Family, friends, community
     Believe – Faith, hope, love
     Become – Ministry, mission, mercy

‘We make these prayers in the name of Jesus'


Glory Be


Before you meet again as a Circle, commit to making these two actions. The 'Inwards' action will support you to grow in your faith. The 'Outwards' action will challenge you to a new aspect of mission.

Inwards Action
As a Circle, what ‘faith act’ can you commit to?
Outwards Action
As a Circle, what ‘mission act’ can you commit to?
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