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The Belong Vision

The vision of Belong is simple, missionary renewal through Circles that gather, pray and give.

To explore this further, download our Vision which explores these elements in more depth.
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Three Steps to
Missionary Renewal

Step One


Circles will gather on regular basis. In this context, they will be encouraged to share their faith and experiences of life.

This first focus area essentially focused on fostering belonging. Through gathering, individuals will be led into a personal encounter with Jesus and His Church.
Step Two


Circles focus on missionary prayer. Formation programs are designed to support the prayer life of the Circle, that are tailored to the faith and mission experience of the Circle. The initial formation program is available on this website, with dedicated participant and leader resources.
Step Three


As part of the Circle, individuals commit to giving their time, treasure and talent. This includes an encouragement to give small donations, or make a pledge, to support Belong’s mission outreach.

The mission of the Circle centres around these acts of charity. Every dollar donated will support the implementation of Belong outreach or Mission Society initiatives. These initiatives always an element of establishing Circles in mission countries.

Explore the Belong Vision

Explore the Belong vision coming to life within the Archdiocese of Canberra & Goulburn.

Belong is a missionary renewal resource for the Catholic Church.

The Belong network was originally established to engage individuals, parishes, schools and dioceses to implement the Extraordinary Mission Month (October 2019). The Belong Network soon expanded to over 110 countries, supporting the broader missionary vision of the Pontifical Mission Societies. Circles provides a unique opportunity for the missionary aspirations of the Pontifical Mission Societies to reach a new generation.
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